Types of Computer Keyboards and Their Functions

Types of Computer Keyboards and Their Functions. As with the mouse, the keyboard evolves over time and gives rise to various types and shapes.

Types of Computer Keyboards

Types of Computer Keyboards and Their Functions. The keyboard is divided into 2 types, namely the port and the keys.
Below are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of keyboard based on the ports and buttons.
By Port

There are 4 types of keyboards based on the different port ports, namely:

Serial keyboard

The serial keyboard is a keyboard used on old DOS-type computers where the ports are bus-shaped with pins.

PS2 keyboard

The next type of keyboard that developed after the serial port was PS2 or serial port type 2. The port color on the mouse is green and the PS2 keyboard is purple with a circular shape.

USB keyboard

Keyboards that have a universal serial bus or USB port are very popular and often found.
This port is in the form of a bus with a line-like top and bottom for the plug and holes.


Wireless keyboard

This keyboard requires a USB like a flash drive to plug it into a computer/laptop.
So that the use of this keyboard does not depend on cables.
By Button

There are 8 types of keyboards based on the differences in the keys, namely:

Qwerty keyboard

This name is taken from the row of letters listed on the QWERTY keyboard keys. The QWERTY keyboard is an adaptation of a manual typewriter that is deliberately arranged randomly to reduce accidental key jumps.

Alphabetic keyboard

The keyboard is arranged in the letters of the ABCDE alphabet, etc.
This keyboard is great for kids learning to recognize letters.

Dvorak keyboard

The name DVORAK comes from its maker, August Dvorak.
Dvorak and William Dealey created this keyboard in 1936.
DVORAK keyboard is almost the same as QWERTY, only differing in the key layout which is more burdensome typing of the right fingers.

Klockenberg keyboard

In addition, this keyboard also adds numeric keys and symbols so that there are more keys than a keyboard in general.

Maltron keyboard

The Maltron keyboard is manufactured by a company called Maltron.
This keyboard is deliberately made to prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries that attack users when typing for a long time.