Politics and society

This module responds to these questions with an introduction to third wave feminism and queer theory. This lecture/ seminar series introduces you to key aspects of modern and postmodern thought, culture and theatre. It aims a) to examine historical and cultural contexts, and b) to explore and analyse the theoretical and culture concerns and practices which have been understood as modernist and postmodern.

  • Students will be asked to write a 1000 word essay analysing the show and drawing on the language of Performance Analysis and Ensemble Practice, which are introduced and explained in the seminar discussions.
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You must be able to express a well-informed interest in theatre and performance theory and practice. I come from … Read More

POL256 War in World Politics

The Changing Character of War Centre is an Interdisciplinary research centre for the study of change in armed conflict. We are part of the University of Oxford, based at Pembroke College and the Department of Politics and International Relations. In the context of statebuilding and peacebuilding, Catherine Barnes of Conciliation Resources examines changes in ‘the political settlement’ in war-to-peace transitions. The course will provide both an introduction to political theory and to key approaches to international relations.

Politic war

Learn why the Allies won World War Two, why the US lost in Vietnam and how nuclear weapons affect international security. Explore the themes and issues which drive 21st-century world politics, on a course which takes in conflict, poverty, inequality and trade. Despite knowing this, we are not seeing the necessary progress in areas such as increasing the number of women in elected office, the funding of women candidates, the resourcing of women’s … Read More

MA in International Law, Ethics and Politics

The module asks novel questions about rapidly changing, highly sophisticated technologies, their impact on society and how they risk to transform the legal profession. This module begins by looking at the colonising process before going on to introduce students to some of the ways in which the non-Western world confronted the violence and inequality of colonialism. The LLB Law is a qualifying law degree recognised folderaccess.com by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Bar Standards Board. You’ll be prepared – subject to completion of the necessary further qualifications – to practise law as a solicitor, a barrister or an in-house lawyer for a public limited company or a government agency. While it’s our aim for students to take their preferred combinations of options, this can’t be guaranteed and will be subject to timetabling.

  • The second part of the module places this legal structure in context by examining the history of
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