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Featuring new recordings of Handel’s La Resurrezione, Beethoven’s piano concertos, Rachmaninov’s… Switzerland’s prestigious concert series has teamed up with the I&I Foundation to premiere three pieces this summer. Roxy Music were such a trailblazing force that they now reside as the quintessential ‘Guess the Year Quiz’ trip-up merchants. You hear ‘Virginia Plain’ and instinctively the sound, production and avant-garde performance takes years off its actual age. With the help of Brian Eno in this department, Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music helped to smash the shackles beginning to form on turgid rock ’n’ roll at just the right time.

  • It also featured prominently in the film Amadeus about the composer himself.
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  • Discover our catalogue introducing the leading women composers of the past and present.
  • BA on its planes until recently played a snippet
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