Problems That are Often Encountered in Computer Damage

Problems That are Often Encountered in Computer Damage. A computer network is a technology that really helps human activities. But behind all its sophistication, there are problems that usually occur in computer networks.

Problems That are Often Encountered in Computer Damage. The presence of computer networks brings many benefits to humans. Various groups also use it to complete their activities. But of course, every technology has its problems sometimes.
Below are some problems that commonly occur in computer networks:

Network Device Failure

Interference due to network device failures can vary, from NIC-LAN card failures on one computer, switch failures on multiple computers, to large-scale failures at the central switch connecting the network servers. For LAN card failure on one of the computers, the solution is to replace it with a spare network card.

Cannot Share Data

The problem of not sharing data happens quite often. The reason could be because sharing on the computer is still in disabled mode, so it must be activated first by opening Network> Internet Access at the bottom right of the desktop. Right-click on the network image, then click Open Network and Sharing Center. Select turn on file and printer sharing mode> Save Changes.


Hang on the computer

Computer hang problems also often occur. To solve it you just need to restart your computer. The cause of this problem is because the IP you are using is the same IP as the other computer, so you have to replace it with a different IP.

Network Cable Failure

This problem is commonly encountered due to broken network cables that can affect the performance of a computer on the network. Disconnection of the cable between the switches (uplink cable), resulting in network problems in one building block. There are also cable backbone failures that impact most of the computers in the LAN network.

Damage to the Network Cables and Connectors

Cables and connectors are the connecting media between one computer and another or with other equipment that is used to form a network.

Interference with the Hub / Switch

Hub/switch is a terminal or data signal divider for the network card (network card). If the hub is damaged, it means that the entire network is also unable to communicate between workstations or workstation computers and the server. Damage can be seen in the power indicator lights and indicator lights for each workstation.

Virus explosion

This problem occurs because your network system will get overloaded traffic from the influence of a virus that attacks the server system and infects all computers on the network. As a result, network system performance is very slow. The solution to warding off this virus attack is to apply best practice security policies, but first, make sure your system defenses are very immune.

System Failure

System failure can occur due to a problem with your DHCP server so that the client does not receive an IP address. It could also be because there is a problem with your Directory Services system so that the client cannot log on to the network. Another cause is a problem with registering names on your DNS system.

Intermittent connection

Intermittent connections may be the result of decreased telephone network quality and a rustling or buzzing sound.

Problems with Network Connection

The problem with the Network Connection lies in the blank IP number, gateway, and others.