Knowing the Type of Mouse Damage and How to Fix it

Knowing the Type of Mouse Damage and How to Fix it. Mice with cheap prices seem to be quite prone to damage. You can prove it, by buying this device which costs 20 thousand and usually runs only a few months. Or some even experienced damage for up to 2 weeks. This means that indeed high prices have good quality and long-lasting durability. Types of damage to the mouse and how to repair the mouse

Stuck mouse pointer

Knowing the Type of Mouse Damage and How to Fix it. The first problem is the mouse pointer suddenly stuck. Actually, this problem is usually not damaging to the mouse component itself. However, congestion is caused by excessive CPU usage or an application that crashes, or a computer that hangs. After the crash and hang, the problem is resolved, the mouse pointer can be run again. However, if the mouse pointer is really stuck or is running abnormally not because of a problematic computer program, your house is certainly damaged. This problem most likely occurs because a lot of dust on the bottom of the mouse or mouse pad is choked by dirt and dust.


A mouse pointer that can move but jump

One of the problems that are quite annoying, especially when we are doing typing. In this condition, of course, the user cannot operate the mouse precisely and precisely. This problem can actually occur for several things, but the most common is due to interference or dirty components of the mouse ball. The ball components in the mouse often come into contact with the mouse pad which is not always clean. The fix is ​​to take out the mouse ball and clean it.

Troubled mouse button

Mouse button means left-click and right-click or cursor click. Often this feature is damaged, either not responding less, being late or there are other errors such as one-click but instead responds like two clicks. This problem is because the Push Button is already weak. Or you can also check it yourself by unscrewing the mouse at the bottom, then try to check the position of the left or right button because there might be a slip. Currently, utility applications are also available to help minimize mouse errors, including Mousefix. This mini-application can monitor your mouse clicks so that they don’t ‘go wrong’ when clicking. Or if the solution above doesn’t work, it looks like you really have to replace it with a new mouse.
The active mouse indicator light lights up but the cursor doesn’t move
This problem is generally caused by a damaged mouse due to a broken mouse cable due to interest or other causes. If you’re brave, you can repair yourself which is actually quite easy. Just cut the end of the mouse cable that is closer to the mouse, not towards the USB connector. The second step, of course, is to peel the cable and test indentation using a multitester tool.

The cursor can’t function but clicks normally

This problem is most likely due to faulty mouse optics. Immediately dismantle the mouse, look for mouse optics that are shaped like LEDs (small lights) and it’s better to immediately replace the optics with other mouse optics that are still normal. Make sure not to pair it upside down because there is a plus (anode) and a min (cathode).