How to use email marketing as a musician?

Why email marketing is essential for musicians?

Like any business even for musicians, email marketing lets you connect with your fan base directly and get them to take action.

What’s wrong with social media?

There is no denying that social media continues to be a good marketing tool for people in the music industry. 

Howbeit, it is not easy to reach all your fans through social media channels. 

And people prefer to look at a message shared personally to them when compared to a general public post shared on your social media handles.

This article would help you to build your email list, grow your fan base, boost your career in the music industry.

Find Email Addresses

Having your email list built is a big advantage to proceed with your email marketing strategy. 

To find email addresses you can use the email search tools like 

This is an excellent tool loved by marketers and business owners because of its high accuracy rate and amazing customer support.

You don’t have to invest money right away. 

Kickstart with the free plan where you would get to locate up to ten email addresses every month, and then if you are satisfied with the result, you can opt for the paid plan.

Sending Newsletters – The Fun Part

When you are ready with your email list, you are good to go for the next step i.e., sending newsletters.


There’s one more step you should do before sending the emails – segmenting the audience. 

This is an essential step that you shouldn’t skip.

You can segment your audience based on their interest in your music. For instance, to some, music gives motivation, to some people music is a healing element, and to some, it’s a companion, right?

Based on what role does music play a role in their life, you may come up with a content strategy. 

And then send newsletters with personalized content to each segment. 

What to Write?

The content will depend on your objective. 

If you wish to engage with your newly joined fans, then you may send them an email thanking them for their love, and drive them to your YouTube channel.

If you want to build loyalty from your existing audience, you may go a step ahead discuss with them your songs, the meaning behind the lines, how you got that idea, what inspired you to write it, etc.

Some of the Best Practices

Here are some golden rules to make the most out of your email marketing campaign;

  • Write an intriguing subject line
  • Ensure that each of your emails is personalized.
  • Keep it short.
  • Have a defined goal for your emails.
  • Always include a prominent Call to Action
  • Craft an engaging content
  • Understand your fans’ needs.
  • Be consistent.
  • Use the write marketing tools to automate the process.
  • Set up a good tracking system.
  • Get insights from the data.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is one of the cool ways to connect with your fans in a highly personalized manner, stay relevant in your industry.