Factors Affecting Software Program Quality

Software Program Quality- In making a software program, of course, we must pay attention to an important aspect, one of which is the program’s quality factor. There are 3 categories that affect the quality of software according to McCall which is known as “McCall’s Triangle of Quality”.

So, these categories include:

  1. Product Operation: operational characteristics of a software
  2. Revision: the ability of software to undergo changes
  3. and product Transition: the ability to adapt the software to new environments

Software Program Quality Factors

Each of the three categories above consists of several factors, namely:

Product Operation

Product operation is the operational nature of software related to technical matters in software development that need attention from developers. Where this relates to technical analysis and design, as well as software development. So, this is the product operation factors are:

  1. Integrity: Factors related to software security systems or the amount of access control by someone who does not have authorization to programs and data.
  2. Correctness: The extent to which the program satisfies or meets the specifications and objectives of the customer’s mission.
  3. Usability: The effort required to study, operate, prepare inputs and interpret program outputs.
  4. Efficiency: The number of resources and code required by the program to perform its functions. Then,
  5. Reliability: The size of the program can be expected to fulfill the desired functions.

Product Revision

Product revision is how far and how much the software has managed to develop and improve. So, this is the product revision factors are:

  1. Maintainability: The effort required to locate and fix errors in the program.
  2. Flexibility: The effort required to modify the program as needed.
  3. Testability: The effort required to test the program to ensure that the program performs as expected.

Product Transition

Product transition is the ability to adapt the software to a new environment or multiple platforms. So, this is the product transition factors are:

  1. Portability: The effort required to transfer programs from one environment to another.
  2. Reusability: The number of programs that can be used by other applications.
  3. Interoperability: The effort required to connect one software or interface to another.


In addition, those are some examples of program quality factors that you need to understand. Hopefully, this article can help your learning, guys.