EMAIL: Definition, Functions, and Examples

Email is a way of sending letters in digital form over the internet. Only with a laptop, computer, or smartphone.

Email (electronic mail) or electronic mail functions as a means of sending messages through intermediary computer technology, laptops, and smartphones connected to the internet network.

Understanding Electronic Mail

Email is a way of sending letters in digital form over the internet. Only with a laptop, computer, or smartphone.

You can send emails with data attachments that are also in digital form without the need to move your body at all. The waiting period for a conventional letter is indeed very torturous and a waste of time. Use of electronic mail is increasingly popular both in the world of work and in daily activities.

Email Function

The function of electronic mail is literally to send as well as receive messages. With the attachment function in the electronic mail application, you can attach various types of data, such as photos, videos, and others.

However, in reality, electronic mail has other uses in the world of the internet beyond just sending or receiving messages. Here are some points of function and benefits of electronic mail.

  1. As Personal Identity

In the digital age, many are using electronic mail as a way to confirm identity. Services such as digital financial services, online book purchases, and mobile phone activation often use electronic mail to verify the identity of their users.

  1. Tools for Registering on Various Sites and Social Media

You may have been asked for an electronic mail address in the process of registering for a new social media account.

After registering, you will usually receive an e-mail from social media to confirm the identity of the person you’ve given as a potential new user.

  1. Email as a Promotional Media

Businesses that have online stores often use their customers’ E-mail addresses as a means of promoting their business. Even though E-mail is the oldest way to promote goods or services, many still use it.

Usually, businesses collect the E-mail addresses of their customers through a newsletter subscription service on their website. By using an E-mail marketing type of service, promotional activities will be more optimal.

How Email Works

Conceptually, sending an email is the same as sending a conventional letter. Here’s how a few steps email works in a nutshell.

  1. After you type an email and send it to the destination address, the server will identify the destination address.
  2. Once the recipient’s email address is found, the server will send a message to the email server. The message sent will be stored on the recipient’s email server until the user opens it himself.
  3. After the email user realizes and opens the new message, the email application will download the message stored on the server to the computer.
  4. After this process is complete, the user can read the contents of the message he sent.