5 Reasons to Try Spike Mail App

5 Reasons to Try Spike Mail App
5 Reasons to Try Spike Mail App

Spike Email is a new way to do email. Over the years, email apps have come and gone. Building an email list is vital for keeping existing customers. Company after company has attempted to improve its email functionality. Ecomchief is a place to purchase new online businesses; all need an email service. Services like Slack and Microsoft Teams have sprung up to help companies to manage internal communications. Particularly in the age of hybrid and remote work, everyone is attempting to recreate base layer technology, but IMAP and SMTP are incredible.


The Spike email app is a free service. Even the premium features are just $10 a month. Spike Pro is free for students and educators through the Spike for Students program. You can take class notes, make to-do lists, and collaborate with classmates via Spike Notes, group chats, and phone calls. Computer prices are high, and no need for your email app.

Easy to use

Spike’s conversational approach to email is one feature that can improve your response time. It removes the clutter of thread headers and signatures, making it easier and faster to converse. A conversational email strategy places real conversation at the heart of your communications.


Spike’s intelligent Priority Inbox eliminates distractions so you can concentrate. Important messages are displayed first, while low-priority messages are pushed to the side for later viewing. Groups are a feature in Spike Email. It closes your various email threads and allows you to create group chats based on projects. Instead of a group texting group, you turn your upcoming conference, current project, or random chat channel into a Spike group chat.


People have three communication tools available, and Spike email integrates with them. Email applications/services Service for team chat, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, as well as apps for messaging, such as iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal.


A unified inbox is beneficial for various reasons, the most important of which is that it increases productivity without adding stress to your workday. We’re all trying to be more efficient at work to close the laptop faster or stay ahead of the competition. A unified inbox puts an overflowing inbox of unread emails that require attention at your fingertips, allowing you to deal with them more quickly and easily. The faster you can read, comprehend, and respond to emails, the quicker you can achieve your goals. You can also focus on meeting your team’s needs with a unified inbox.

Clear out the clutter in your inbox. Get rid of the never-ending Twitter notifications. Spike’s Priority Inbox organizes your less important emails, such as newsletters, promotional offers, and random invitations, into a separate Inbox called ‘Other.’ When you have more free time, it’s time to start organizing your inbox by making some folders to tag your messages or any other old-school email management advice.

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