Factors Affecting Software Program Quality

Factors Affecting Software Program Quality

Software Program Quality- In making a software program, of course, we must pay attention to an important aspect, one of which is the program’s quality factor. There are 3 categories that affect the quality of software according to McCall which is known as “McCall’s Triangle of Quality”.

So, these categories include:

  1. Product Operation: operational characteristics of a software
  2. Revision: the ability of software to undergo changes
  3. and product Transition: the ability to adapt the software to new environments

Software Program Quality Factors

Each of the three categories above consists of several factors, namely:

Product Operation

Product operation is the operational nature of software related to technical matters in software development that need attention from developers. Where this relates to technical analysis and design, as well as software development. So, this is the product operation factors are:

  1. Integrity: Factors related to software security systems or the amount of access
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7 Ways to Overcome a Slow Laptop Without Reinstalling

7 Ways to Overcome a Slow Laptop Without Reinstalling Windows 10

Laptop- How to deal with a slow laptop that is easy to do without reinstalling Windows 10. Many factors can cause laptops to run slowly.

Ordinary users overcome a slow laptop such as restarting the power. Unfortunately, this is not effective in solving the problem in the long term.

One of the causes of a slow laptop is unused applications that can make memory and RAM work very hard. The ever-new technological factor doesn’t go hand in hand with Windows 10’s slow, aging laptop.

So, technology also affects performance so that it affects usage such as the need for Windows 10 updates.

How to solve a slow laptop without reinstalling

Stop unnecessary apps

Now the way to deal with slow laptops without reinstalling Windows 10 is to sort out the applications that run concurrently.

The cause of a slow laptop is that many applications are running, so it will drain … Read More

EMAIL: Definition, Functions, and Examples

EMAIL: Definition, Functions, and Examples

Email is a way of sending letters in digital form over the internet. Only with a laptop, computer, or smartphone.

Email (electronic mail) or electronic mail functions as a means of sending messages through intermediary computer technology, laptops, and smartphones connected to the internet network.

Understanding Electronic Mail

Email is a way of sending letters in digital form over the internet. Only with a laptop, computer, or smartphone.

You can send emails with data attachments that are also in digital form without the need to move your body at all. The waiting period for a conventional letter is indeed very torturous and a waste of time. Use of electronic mail is increasingly popular both in the world of work and in daily activities.

Email Function

The function of electronic mail is literally to send as well as receive messages. With the attachment function in the electronic mail application, you … Read More

7 Documents You Need to Apply for a Loan in the UK

Regardless of your financial situation, there are basic documents essential in applying for a loan. These are the documents that many people on UK.collected.reviews consider the Bible of all loans and commercial transactions. This is because these documents are primary in ensuring the possibility of getting a loan upon request.

If you want to take a house loan or a personal loan, the documents you need vary. The documents you need vary for the different loans you take from a bank or a credit union. Although one of the most important ones, as revealed by the best credit company, is your credit history. Yet, if you want to take any kind of loan, the following are the general documents you must have:

1.  Your Tax Returns:

This is the document that includes the updated payment of all taxes. You may need a copy of your tax report from the … Read More

5 Diet Types Suitable for People Who Sit All Day

Some people love their 9 to 5 desk jobs. They get to sit behind a desk in an air-conditioned room. People love this kind of job for many reasons, and the reasons why they love it also account for some health issues it causes. You can read about the health issues sitting down for long hours can cause in reviewsbird.co.uk.

Some of them are the rise in blood sugar levels, unhealthy cholesterol levels, etc. However, maintaining an active lifestyle can be the gateway to avoid such health challenges. An office worker or good businessman should consider dietary products online to provide enough energy without accumulating health issues every day.

The following are the food you can incorporate in your diet to maintain a healthy life every day:

1.  Nuts:

This is a good source of omega-3 fatty acid. Nuts also help to fight against inflammation. With the monounsaturated … Read More

How to use email marketing as a musician?

Why email marketing is essential for musicians?

Like any business even for musicians, email marketing lets you connect with your fan base directly and get them to take action.

What’s wrong with social media?

There is no denying that social media continues to be a good marketing tool for people in the music industry. 

Howbeit, it is not easy to reach all your fans through social media channels. 

And people prefer to look at a message shared personally to them when compared to a general public post shared on your social media handles.

This article would help you to build your email list, grow your fan base, boost your career in the music industry.

Find Email Addresses

Having your email list built is a big advantage to proceed with your email marketing strategy. 

To find email addresses you can use the email search tools like GetEmail.io. 

This is an excellent … Read More

7 Wireless Gadgets Everyone Should Consider Having

Technology has evolved from the elementary period. You can control your gadgets with your voice, a tap on the earbud, or remote control. This means it is fast, efficient and reliable. There are numerous reviews of the efficiency of contemporary technology on ReviewsBird.com.

In recent times, new products of anything wireless are launched. They’re the perfect gifts from technology for everyone in the world. If you’re looking for the gadgets you must have, below are some of them.

  1. Apple Watch 6: Apple has turned the tech industry for many years now. With stellar products such as iPhone, iMac, iPod, and others, Apple’s smartwatch is another smart tech for your use. Its many sensors track the rhythm of your heart, it suggests you visit your doctor when it tracks irregularities, it tracks your pulse, and triggers your alert emergency. The Apple Watch is your secondary doctor.
  2. Sonos Arc Soundbar: With
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Food is essential to human and other lower animals’ existence. Every individual get to eat twice or three times a day. This means the food business is a lucrative venture as it never goes out of demand. Different restaurants always find new innovations in guaranteeing the comfort and satisfaction of their customers.

Most food vendors market and sell their products to online customers, it is easier and profitable to do this for everyone involved. If you are looking for good brands you can check third-party review sites like Collected.Reviews for customers’ feedback for businesses selling food online.

Below are 6 lucrative online food business ideas you can start in 2021:

1.     Cake Decorating Classes

One of the most lucrative online businesses is organizing online tutorials for teaching skills set. Most online users are interested in learning skills that can serve as a means of income. Organizing cake decorating … Read More

All You Need To Know About How Stadia Works

Google Stadia has been revealed at GDC 2019 and is their latest game streaming platform that works seamlessly with their Chrome and Android services. The announcement follows the test of their “Project Stream” service that allowed users to directly play Assassin’s Creed Oddysey from the Chrome browser.

Stadia is a continuation of this concept and promises to bring many AAA quality titles to players on tablets, laptops, and phones. It claims to be the “Netflix of gaming,” an on-demand streaming service for video games. You can read reviews about video games sore in the uk. It promises high visual fidelity and low latency

What Is Google Stadia?

Google Stadia lets you play modern games on just about any screen you own, with Google servers handling all the computing power and beaming it to you through the cloud. It is acknowledged from different reviews like Britain reviews. For instance, … Read More

5 Wrong ways coding can be learned

On a lighter note, trying to learn more than one thing at a time is the wrong way to learn how to code. Your knowledge about coding becomes dispersed and scanty when you commence with one thing and then dabble into several others without first finishing what you started. This often leads to distraction and lack of concentration with virtually nothing to show. Distraction can come easily when your focus is divided and this certainly is a wrong way to learn to code.

If you want to learn programming the right way, you should opt for online programming courses academics online. You can read about the difference courses on US-Reviews to know which of them other people believe to be effective and affordable. This article focuses on 5 major wrong ways in which coding can be learned;

Studying haphazardly

Studying to learn to code is not to be done … Read More

5 Ways 5G Will Power AI, IoT, and the Cloud in 2021

Technology has been in a state of consistent evolution for the past few years. Opinions of different experts and customers on Suomiarvostelut reveal that this rapid evolution will create bigger waves and leave us wanting more.

Ever since the start of 3G, there was an incredible move to 4G. The world is now experiencing another shift to the latest network, the 5G, with its promising future in Finland and other countries of the world.

Opinions by customers who has patronized Moi also show that the incredible shift from 4G to 5G network would be like the shift from an MP3 Player to wireless earbuds. This means that 5G will revolutionize every area of life. This involves the revolution in business, the gaming industry, fashion industry, entertainment, and many others.

However, 5G will power AI, the Cloud, and IoT in incredible ways. Through this technological evolution, the world will experience super-fast … Read More

The Benefit Of Having Your Roof Replaced

All homeowners might feel that having a roof replacement is a big commitment. It’s a big investment that takes a lot of time and money. If you are working with a top-rated roofer in Coloma, CA, you will find the responsibility a lot easier to handle.

It is a large investment, but it gives you the best return. You will save a lot more money by replacing your roof than by constantly having to repair the old one.

  1. Maintenance

Roofs require a lot more repairs as they get older. Wear and tear from years of harsh weather conditions beating down on them will increase the chances that you will experience leaks and cracks.

Eventually, the cost will catch up with you, especially if you wait too long to fix a leak and the damage spreads.

It might cost you more money up front to replace the roof with your … Read More

Wireless Gadgets Everyone Should Consider Having

Technology has paved ways for big frontiers in all of the human activities. It has infiltrated every aspect of man’s lives, changing how work, learning and shopping are perceived. Nation’s economic growths and developments have also been linked directly to how innovative they can be in the technological spheres. The use of newer technologies paves the way for producing more unique goods cheaply and for capital accumulation, enhancing countries’ international competitiveness.

Innovativeness of technological giants has brought about value-added innovations which undoubtedly enhances a secure and sustainable human development. Man has seen the introduction of inventions such as concentrated solar power, wind turbines, ocean wave power photovoltaic cells, geothermal energy, and many other emerging innovations with hand-held gadgets, not an exception.

Gadgets have grown to become an essential accessory that helps make work more manageable while also complementing man’s lifestyle. The significant role they play in man’s day to day … Read More

Tips for Opening a Computer and Laptop Repair Business

Tips for Opening a Computer and Laptop Repair Business. Computer/laptop repair business, Hp Nowadays, it is no stranger to people using cellphones or computers and of course, they will always be looking for instead of having to buy new ones even though the damage is minor. To start a small business in the electronics sector, namely computer/laptop service, all you need is this cellphone:

Abilities and expertise

Tips for Opening a Computer and Laptop Repair Business. The consumers of this computer and laptop repair business are of course the owners and users of computers and laptops. This is because not all owners of computers and laptops can repair damage to their computers or laptops even though it is very easy to do.

Place of business

To start a Computer and Laptop repair business, what you need to prepare first is that the place of business must be located in a … Read More

Knowing the Type of Mouse Damage and How to Fix it

Knowing the Type of Mouse Damage and How to Fix it. Mice with cheap prices seem to be quite prone to damage. You can prove it, by buying this device which costs 20 thousand and usually runs only a few months. Or some even experienced damage for up to 2 weeks. This means that indeed high prices have good quality and long-lasting durability. Types of damage to the mouse and how to repair the mouse

Stuck mouse pointer

Knowing the Type of Mouse Damage and How to Fix it. The first problem is the mouse pointer suddenly stuck. Actually, this problem is usually not damaging to the mouse component itself. However, congestion is caused by excessive CPU usage or an application that crashes, or a computer that hangs. After the crash and hang, the problem is resolved, the mouse pointer can be run again. However, if the mouse pointer is … Read More

Types of Computer Keyboards and Their Functions

Types of Computer Keyboards and Their Functions. As with the mouse, the keyboard evolves over time and gives rise to various types and shapes.

Types of Computer Keyboards

Types of Computer Keyboards and Their Functions. The keyboard is divided into 2 types, namely the port and the keys.
Below are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of keyboard based on the ports and buttons.
By Port

There are 4 types of keyboards based on the different port ports, namely:

Serial keyboard

The serial keyboard is a keyboard used on old DOS-type computers where the ports are bus-shaped with pins.

PS2 keyboard

The next type of keyboard that developed after the serial port was PS2 or serial port type 2. The port color on the mouse is green and the PS2 keyboard is purple with a circular shape.

USB keyboard

Keyboards that have a universal serial bus or USB port … Read More

5 Easy Ways to Fix Most Computer Problems

5 Easy Ways to Fix Most Computer Problems. Electronic devices such as computers, laptops, and cellphones have become primary needs for most people. Computers and laptops are especially needed, given the practicality of their use and complete functions. For workers to schoolchildren and college students, computers and laptops are places to do all tasks.

5 Easy Ways to Fix Most Computer Problems. One of the problems most often experienced by computer and laptop users is a decrease in the performance capacity of their devices. Computers will become heavy and slow if they accommodate too much data and are used continuously without rest. The age factor of the computer can also be a cause of slow computers.

Generally, how to deal with a slow computer can be by adjusting the installed software with the installed hardware specifications. You can also delete unused applications, install anti-virus, pay attention to the cleanliness of … Read More

Problems That are Often Encountered in Computer Damage

Problems That are Often Encountered in Computer Damage. A computer network is a technology that really helps human activities. But behind all its sophistication, there are problems that usually occur in computer networks.

Problems That are Often Encountered in Computer Damage. The presence of computer networks brings many benefits to humans. Various groups also use it to complete their activities. But of course, every technology has its problems sometimes.
Below are some problems that commonly occur in computer networks:

Network Device Failure

Interference due to network device failures can vary, from NIC-LAN card failures on one computer, switch failures on multiple computers, to large-scale failures at the central switch connecting the network servers. For LAN card failure on one of the computers, the solution is to replace it with a spare network card.

Cannot Share Data

The problem of not sharing data happens quite often. The reason could be because … Read More

Which Jbl Speaker Should You Buy? Flip 5, Charge four, Xtreme 2, Link Portable

18 hours of playtime from one charge and a USB charging possibility that can charge while enjoying. You can set 5 totally different bands of EQ or use EQ presets to improve the audio. MakeUseOf has affiliate partnerships, so we receive a share of the revenue out of your buy. This won’t have an effect on the worth you pay and helps us offer the most effective product suggestions.

, you’ll be able to simply check on the bottom of your monitor if it has an audio enter jack. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to search out the merchandise you want and the advice you have to get the job done. Portable amps are still clunky, so shopping for headphones that work well without one is a smart buy. Despite the metaphor, please resist the temptation to plug your headphones into a spigot.

The nominal impedance is 8 … Read More

What Is Tablet Computer? Webopedia Definition

Apple’s A12 processor, the same one in the iPhone XR and XS, handles multitasking, multiple browser tabs, and iPadOS video games with out issues. The iPad Pro’s A12X processor is a bit sooner, and the Pro has 4 GB of memory to the Air’s 3 GB, but the overwhelming majority of the time you wouldn’t be able to feel the distinction.

It also had the worst battery lifetime of any tablet we examined, lasting just over 3 hours in our test. Performance is the place the third-generation Air shines in contrast with equally priced Windows tablets like the Surface Go.

Windows eight run on Intel and AMD machines and it helps Windows 7 .exe apps, in contrast to Windows RT that solely supports apps from the Windows Store. Most convertibiles and tablets run on Intel quite than AMD CPUs.

Whether you’re watching your favourite movies, browsing the online, sending emails, … Read More

Types Of Coding Languages Guide

Compile-time Reflection And Compile-time Code Execution §

Complex language is one of the defining components that makes us human. Two of the ideas that make language unique are grammar and lexicon.

Contrary to popular perception, he named the language Python not for the snakes, but for Monty Python, a comedy troupe. As others have mentioned, 10 weeks should be sufficient when you have a pc programming background. I would post the books I discovered java with however they’re at house and I ain’t. 10 weeks is longer then I normally get to learn a brand new language. Realistically I’d say a minimum of 2 perhaps three years of programming to reach industry entry level standard.

Phonetics and phonemics are the research of individual items of sound in languages. All languages have a grammar, and native audio system of a language have internalized the rules of that language’s grammar.

It was … Read More

Computer & Video Games You Loved As A Kid And Can Play Right Now

DUSK harks back to those golden early years of PC corridor shoots such as Quake, Doom and Hexen. Mixing both RTS and larger Grand Strategy ideas into one game makes for an intense and tactical expertise. There are seven hundred unique locations set across 45,000 sq. kilometres of ocean and landmass. It’s a huge game where factions are made and dissolved, wars fought and journey sought at every turn.

Sure, it looks like most of the cast just walked out of an audition for Final Fantasy XV, however DMC5 is however a bombastic return to type. Capcom may not be taking too many threat on new IP today, but it’s certainly doing a grand job of sprucing up the franchises upon which it’s built its name.

Anthem is an ‘all the time online’ expertise, so you may want a broadband connection to access it. There are now extra playable characters … Read More

Official Download Of Vlc Media Player For Ios

But the massive information right here is the inclusion of digital car keys, which can initially be confined to a single product launch – the 2021 BMW 5 Series – but rolled out to a wide range of autos sooner or later. Apple rolled out a brand new version of Maps earlier this 12 months, and the corporate spent a while trumpeting its new capabilities and extra extensive data.

If you imagine you could have discovered a safety or privateness vulnerability in an Apple product, discover ways to file a report. For the safety of our prospects, Apple does not disclose, focus on, or confirm safety points till an investigation has occurred and patches or releases are typically available. In addition, I assume taking a bite out of an apple is a universally shared and nice expertise.

Anyway, once I explain the real reason why I did the chew it … Read More

5 PC games that should be way more popular than they are

In the vast sea of games (opens in new tab) out there, it’s hard to stick out. Everyone wants your time and if a game isn’t part of an established series or isn’t doing something that a trailer or screenshot can capture, they can drift under the radar.

These are the PC games that should have a much bigger presence than they already have, whether it’s because they’re doing something nobody else has done before or because they simply do what they do well. Some games didn’t come out at the right time, were overshadowed by something else, or took a bit to get going.

Below is a list of games that we love from the last five years. Each of them are still playable today so if you want to check them out yourself, you can maybe help them get the recognition they deserve.

Hunt: Showdown 

Price: $39.99

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LG DualUp review: a tall, pricey monitor geared toward efficiency

There is no shortage of ultrawide monitors, but LG’s 27.6-inch $699 DualUp is the oddball ultratall. It’s a relatively basic USB-C monitor with a unique trick: it’s taller than it is wide, with a 16:18 aspect ratio. In other words, it’s like using two 21.5-inch QHD monitors stacked on top of each other. You aren’t alone if you exhibit an intense swirl of emotions the first time you see the DualUp.

Like a taller phone or laptop display, the DualUp simply lets you see more at once with less scrolling. With just one computer plugged in, I can see more windows set up in a Brady Bunch-like grid arrangement than on a typical widescreen monitor. One DualUp monitor can even replace two separate 16:9 monitors, which is cool. I had the ability to test two DualUps side by side, and reader, I ran out of windows before I could take

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Companies In The Computer Mouse Market Are Introducing The

LONDON, July 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to The Business Research Company’s research report on the mouse market, companies in the mouse market are introducing a biometric mouse to improve data security and privacy for the user. A biometric mouse permits only authorized users to control the mouse and access the computer. Protection is accomplished with an integrated fingerprint reader, either in the receiver or the mouse. This feature enhances security and adds convenience because the user can use his fingerprint rather than a password for a secure login. For example, Lenovo, a Hong Kong-based consumer electronics company, produced a Fingerprint Biometric USB Mouse, which offers advanced input functionality with an integrated fingerprint sensor for password-free authentication. It features 1600 DPI resolution with an optical sensor for precise tracking and an ambidextrous design for more fluid control and ergonomics. It delivers solid protection against intrusion with 256-bit encryption and

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Better Than Prime Day: Walmart Has the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 PC Speakers for $49

As part of its Amazon Prime Day Counter Sale, Walmart is offering the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 multimedia speaker system for a low, low price of $49, a whopping $50 price drop from its original $99 price point. The Promedia 2.1 has always been a strong contender for best computer speakers under $100, and having the price marked down by 50% makes this an unbelievable bargain. This would make an excellent speaker system for your gaming setup.

Klipsch Promedia 2.1 PC Speakers for $49

Bluetooth Enabled

Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Computer Speakers

The Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers have been around for over two decades, and even today it’s still considered one of the best 2.1ch dedicated computer speakers you can get. The new model with wireless Bluetooth streaming has a few changes on the spec sheet in order to keep the price down, since the MSRP has dropped from

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iPhone 13 camera before iPhone 14 launch: Apple and Android keep failing to make real camera phones

Photography, as your parents or grandparents used to know it, is a dying breed.

If 20 years ago the idea of a photograph was to capture an important moment in one’s life as authentically as possible, today we’re living in a different world… Fair enough, not everyone owned a camera in 1980, and phones have managed to make this once unattainable thing very accessible, which is wonderful!

However, as it turns out in 2022, the world is less about authenticity and more about “making everything better” – whatever that’s supposed to mean. Nowadays, photos (amongst other things) are supposed to enhance our reality and make it “cool and fun”. Your baby can have bunny ears, and you can puke rainbows.

But there’s more beyond Snapchat filters that enhance the way your photos look, and it all boils down to something called computational photography. It’s the “hidden filter” that makes … Read More